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Our Mission

 Nandanik Dance Troupe is a Pittsburgh-based 501(c)(3)Non-profit  organization  that seeks to promote, propagate, and preserve Indian  classical dance styles in USA. Its goal is to spread the beauty and  richness of Indian dance and music so that it transcends all barriers  and creates an awareness that helps to spread global harmony and  understanding.

Nandanik Dance Troupe's mission is to  promote  and  exhibit the richness of Indian culture and heritage through  performances incorporating various Indian dance forms especially the  classical dance styles of India ,and to disseminate  the traditional   art, music through performances, lecture-demonstrations, and active  participation and interaction of the audience and the performers.

Nandanik  Dance Troupe fosters international understanding of diverse cultures  through active participation in community activities and events, through  creating awareness of Indian culture and supporting its acceptance, and  through understanding as well as intermingling of diverse cultures and  ethnic values. Nandanik Dance Troupe strongly believes in reaching  positive values in the community  that build spirit, mind, and body, and  welcomes every one to enjoy Indian culture and heritage through various  Indian dance forms. 


 Shyama - The Royal Courtesan was written and composed  by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was Tagore’s last major work  for the stage. Shyama is an intricate tale of passion, guilt, love and  sacrifice. It reflects his artistic and philosophical reaction to the  turbulence of Pre-Independent India. 


Nandanik Dance Troupe, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, will be presenting the first ever Indian Dance Festival in Pittsburgh VILAYA - "The confluence of many streams" in April 2018 at the historic Andrew Carnegie Library and Music Hall, Carnegie, PA. Nandanik Dance Troupe has been selected to receive the Lift Grant from Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. We intend to create widespread awareness about the art and culture of the local Indian community through dances, panel discussions, information, and exhibition on one platform by artists from USA, Canada, and India.